Living with reindeer tour 

 3h -3,5h

Now you have a chance to explore and experience authentic wilderness life with original reindeer herders. We will take you in the forests and swamplands where the reindeer wander freely. I will provide you with warm winter clothes and footwear and take you to a 3-6 km snowmobile sleigh ride to see my reindeer herd grazing in the forest. You can get a taste of reindeer' herder's everyday life, feed the reindeer, relax and sit at an open fire enjoying delicious local snacks. After that you can try suopunki, which is a type of lasso that reindeer herders use to catch reindeer. Finally, you will get a chance to visit Lapin Anna's handicraft shop where you can find beautiful, unique souvenirs and gifts.

  • Available: 15.12 - 15. 4
  • Group size: 1-8 hlö

Price:   1-2 group     130e / person

              3-8 group      115e / person

              children under 12 years -50%

Living with reindeer tour with local dinner at our wilderness cabin


After the visit to the reindeer herd, you will be driven 3 km in a snowmobile sleigh to our lakeside cabin. There we enjoy a local dinner by logfire

You can also ask cabin for rent. 

  • Available : 15.12- 15.4
  • Group size: 1-8 person
  • It´s important let us know if you have some allergy or special diet

Price:      180e/person

You can book your Living with reindeer tour here: